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Semi-Official Timeline

Note: X0 is the year of Xena's birth. Titles that are in italics refer to the episodes descriptions index at Whoosh!, titles in bold link to other fan fiction.

Childhood & Youth

X-2 Lis, daughter of Alexander & Cleo, is born

X0 Xena, daughter of Atrius & Cyrene, is born

X5 Diedra the Amazon is raped by an unknown soldier. She escapes to Amphipolis and is befriended by Cyrene, then goes to work for Rebecka the Grocer. ("The Rest of Our Lives")

X6 Diana is born to Diedra. Diedra and Rebecka marry ("The Rest of Our Lives")

X7 Atrius tries to sacrifice Xena to Ares, but Cyrene interfers.   (The Temple Incident)

X9 Aphrodite visits Hecuba before Gabrielle is born, giving her a prophesy about her unborn child. (Gabrielle)

X10 Gabrielle is born in Potedaea.(Gabrielle)

X14 Xena and Lis break off their friendship. Lis marries Paul and moves to Corinth (Yesteryear)

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Warlord Years

X18 Xena and her brother Lyceus defend Amphipolis from Cortese, the warlord. Lyceus dies and Xena runs away, then forms her first army (The Turning Point)

X19 Xena meets Caesar and has her legs broken. M'lila, the Gaelic slave, takes her to the healer (Destiny)

X19 Xena loses her first army, then takes up with Borias. They meet La Mao, who heals Xena's leg more completely (The Debt, Parts I & II)

X20 Xena gives birth to Solon. Borias is killed before she gives birth, so she gives Solon to the Centaurs (Orphan of War)

X28 Xena learns that Rebecka is gravely ill and journeys home (The Turning Point)

X28 Xena meets Iolaus and Hercules and reforms her ways (Warrior Princess, The Gauntlet, Unchained Heart)

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The Gabrielle Years

X28 Xena meets Gabrielle (Sins of the Past)

X28 Gabrielle deals with the death of Talus. (Death in Chains, Loosening the Chains)

X28 Xena sees Diana for the first time in ten years while Gabrielle has gone home for a short time (A Visit with Diana, The Prodigal)

X29 Gabrielle nearly dies in the temple of healing (Is There a Doctor in the House?) but hears Xena calling for her return (After I Died)

X29 Xena and Gabrielle see Solon (Orphans of War)

X29 Gabrielle marries Perdicas, but is widowed soon after (The Return of Callisto)

X29 Xena and Gabrielle go to Potedaia to break the news that Perdicas is dead. Gabrielle gets in a fight with her sister, Lila. (I Have No Sister)

X29 Lila finds that Palios is not the man she though he was and goes to Corinth to start a new life. (Lila's Journey)

X29 Gabrielle nearly has an affair with Kaydus. (Kaydus: Warrior Poet)

X29 Ares decides to wipe Kaydus and the ensuing heart to heart from Xena & Gabrielle's memory. (Ares' Interlude)

X29  After Xena nearly dies from a poisoned dart, she asks Gabrielle to tell her a story after supper. The Interlude Between.

X29 Gabrielle mourns Perdicas, Xena comforts her (Aftershock)

X30 Xena & Gabrielle meet Ulysses (Poseidon)

X30 Gabrielle and Xena marry (After the Arrows)

X30 Lila and Marcus marry (Lila's Journey)

X30 Gabrielle and Xena come home to celebrate Solstice (Solstice)

X31 Diana and Joxer marry ("You are Cordially Invited")

X31 Xena and Gabrielle fight the Persian army. Xena has a strange dream later. (Armageddon)

X32 Xena writes a short note to Gabrielle in The Scroll.

X34 Rebecka Diedra, daughter of Diana and Joxer is born (The Fight)

X40  Solon meets Julia and is drawn toward her, but there is one tiny problem:  she is engaged to his friend Gregor.  (A Destiny to Fulfill.

X40 Cyrene summons Xena and Gabrielle home, Rebecka Diedra is kidnapped (The Anniversary Party)

X41 Diana and Joxer go to Corinth and meet Marcus and Lila. Telesilla, daughter of Solon and Julia, is born (Changes)

X42 Cyrene Ruth, daughter of Diana and Joxer, is born; Gabrielle and Lila journey back home to see their parents, Hercuba and Horace (Beginnings and Endings)

X42 Diedra is confronted with her fading memory, then sees the father of Diana.  Soon after, Diana mourns the loss of her mother.  Xena finally promises to go with Gabrielle to visit her family (Beginnings and Endings.)

X43 Gabrielle convinces Xena to make good on her promise to visit her family. (Homecoming)

X48 Lis, Xena's childhood friend, comes home for her mother's funeral (Yesteryear)

X54 Rebecka Diedra meets Saul while visiting Lila and Marcus in Corinth (Rebecka's Turn)

X55 Rebecka and Saul fall in love (Rebecka's Turn)

X55 Xeres is born to Rebecka and Saul (Rebecka's Turn)

X62 Xena dies (A Death in the Family)

X65 Gabrielle dies and Cyrene Ruth falls in love. ("Wait for me!")

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UberXena Years

Note: back to the Gregorian calendar.

Also, That Texas Summer covers 1863-1875, then The Revival covers 1895-1896.

1863 Laura meets George Wilkins as a disguised soldier in the American Civil War

1864 Laura and George marry

1865 George Wilkins, Jr. is born

1869 George Wilkins, Sr. and George Wilkins, Jr. are killed in an Indian raid

1874 Ruby marries Lycurgus Bills

1875 Leslie James is born to Ruby and Lycurgus Bills

1875 Lycurgus Bills is murdered at the Fourth of July party

1875 Ruby and Leslie move in with Laura

1895  Leslie Bills is falling in love with Elisabeth Haskins and is invited to The Revival.  Meanwhile, Peter dies and Laura and Ruby have to start coping with what the encroaching years mean for them.

1895   Laura gives Ruby a ring to celebrate their twenty years together.  Leslie finds a pearl at the State Fair, then has it made into a ring for Elisabeth.

1896 Elisabeth and Leslie Bills marry.

1916 Cora Bills marries Harry Covington.  Nine months later, Janice Covington is born.

1940's Melinda Pappas and Dr. Janice Covington meet and later settle down (The Xena Scrolls)

1959 Meet Xenos, Gabby, Dandy, Nicky and the rest of the gang in Greasy: A Parody

1972 Helen Pappas goes to live with her aunt Melinda Pappas and her lover, Janice Covington following her near expulsion from school. (The Past is Prologue)

1976 Argo the Third, Janice's dog, dies at the age of sixteen. (Good Old Argo)

1982 Helen Pappas and Brigid Anderson meet as Helen is moving in to the house next door. (Helen of the Plains)

1983 Brigid graduates from high school. (Helen of the Plains)

1986 Brigid graduates from college and spends Christmas with Helen, Melinda and Janice.  (Helen of the Plains)

1993 Brigid is assigned to cover the March on Washington for Newstime magazine in Marching for Our Lives.

1999 Janice Covington is dying and Mel Pappas summons her niece Helen Pappas and her lover, Brigid Anderson, home to see Janice one last time. (The Past is Prologue)

1999 Brigid badgers Helen for a dog in Puppy Dog Blues

2001 Brigid confronts her past and her reasons for leaving her church when covering a story about a minister who performs holy unions. (Fight the Good Fight)

2375 Lt. Janice Pappas and Dr. Melinda Covington meet (Mining the Future Past)

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