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Due to the lack of time, energy, creative spark, and feedback,
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  • My Xena fiction  Brief descriptions of each story, listed in chronological order. Grouped by Classic Xena and UberXena.
  • My Xenaverse Timeline Timeline of Xena's life (and Uberlives) and where my stories fit in.
  • Letters From the Editor Letters from me, my version of What's New.  (Updated periodically, last update July 30, 2005
  • Fan Fiction .
  • My blog.
  • Alpha abbreviations for episodes
  • Episodes by Season
    • Originally written by the Black Wolf.
  • Search my sites.
  • An old story found. The Wormhole Incident.
  • PDFs with characters and stories from the Xenaverse and the Conqueror universe.
  • A little drabble of a story, Truck in the Rain.
  • Long Road to Love
    • Tara and Emily keep crossing paths all of their lives, but only briefly connecting. Are they fated to wind up in each other's arms, or in the arms of others? What is at the end of the road?
  • New storyFinally, my Blair and Jo story, The Impossible Dream.
    • It's only taken me about a year off and on to write it! Okay, Jo comes back into Blair's life unexpectedly, asking for help starting a custom cycle shop. The two friends renew their friendship, then deepen it as tragedy strikes Blair's family. This tragedy tears Blair's marriage apart, and Jo is on hand to help pick up the pieces, as they try to ignore undercurrents of attraction of a different kind. Added May 29, 2005.

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